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Most Common Mistakes for First Time Home Buyers

by Jason Matt

If you are thinking about, or even in the process of buying a home there are some very common mistakes that you should avoid. As mortgage rates are at an extreme low, it may seem like the perfect time to buy a home in Michigan. Buying a home is a very big purchase and there are many ways to get yourself under water. But, we have compiled some things for you to be aware of.

1.       If you are planning to move again soon….don’t buy a house. Renting a home is a great option if you know that you will only be in the home for a short period of time. Don’t assume that if you buy the house you can just pack up and sell or rent it when you are ready to leave. You never know how the market will be when you are ready to go.

2.       Stick within your budget. Many people will fall into the “its only $10,000 more than I want to spend” phase. Don’t do it. If you cannot afford it, or it exceeds your planned budget, keep looking. What if you lose your job or have to take a pay cut? If you have expanded your budget for what you can afford now, imagine if your income level drops. You will be well over your head in bills that you cannot afford.

3.       Remember the maintenance. If you were previously renting, chances are your landlord was responsible for repairs or maintenance on your home. After you purchase a home those added costs are coming out of your pocket. You are not just inserting a mortgage payment where your loan payment used to be. Remember insurance, maintenance, utilities, taxes, down payments, and other fees  we may have missed. Your actually monthly expense may be more that you plan even if you have calculated your mortgage payment. Be sure to dig deep and discover what your costs will be.

4.       Don’t underinsure your home. Be sure that you are insuring your home enough to cover the rebuild of your home shall something happen such as a fire or natural disaster. More than 2/3 of US homes are underinsured. Be sure to talk with an insurance provider and a home replacement cost estimator.

5.       Don’t assume your insurance covers it. When it comes to an event such as flood, mold, break in, or fire, ensure that it is in your insurance policy. You don’t want to assume that you have coverage, and in the event that something does happen, not be covered. It happens more than not, and you do not want to be a victim.

These mistakes are most commonly found in first time home buyers, as many have learned their lesson the first time around. If you have any question regarding common mistakes that you may want to avoid contact The Jason Matt Team today. We will ensure your first time home buying experience is done right!

How To Repair Your Credit Before Buying a House

by Jason Matt

When the time comes to buy a home in Michigan, unless you have thousands and thousands of dollars saved to pay for a home in cash, credit is a very important part of getting approved for the purchase. In fact, it can practically make or break the approval process. So, what if your credit is poor, and you already know that you will not be able to get approved?

Being very conscientious of your credit score as a home buyer is very important. Without a good credit history, or a good credit score, your borrowing amount may be significantly reduced or your interest rates may sky rocket. That is if you get approved for the loan at all. If you think that your credit score may be too low to get approved for a home, or get approved at a reasonable rate or amount, there are steps that you can take repair your credit.

  1. Get a copy of your credit report- Each year citizens can obtain a free credit report from each of the following credit bureaus; TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian.
  2. Review your credit report- Look over your credit report and ensure that it is accurate. If there are mistakes or closed accounts, contact each credit agency and ask how you can resolve the problem or have closed accounts removed from the report.
  3. Manage your current debts- contact the companies in which your debts have been acquired and set up a payment plan. When you begin to pay, make sure you pay on time. Not paying on time can hurt your credit score, so make sure the payment plan is acceptable to all parties involved.
  4. Ask for help- There are companies out there that have individuals who have education and knowledge in assisting residents from getting out of debt. A credit counselor can help you work through your bad debt. There are non-profit organizations that are designed to help with this as well. Look into your local agencies.
  5. Avoid Bankruptcy- At all costs; try to avoid filing bankruptcy at any cost. Unless it is the only possible way to get out of debt. Bankruptcies stay on your credit mark for 10 years, and will show up on any credit line that you attempt to open.

Credit is a very important part of today’s society, ensuring that you properly manage it can make things much easier in your future. From buying a house in Canton, Michigan, to getting a simple credit card, or

even a reasonable interest rate on other lines of credit. Don’t let credit be the reason holding you back!

How To Find Quality Real Estate Agents

by Jason Matt

To find a high quality real estate agent in Canton or Ann Arbor, Michigan, a lot of people turn to someone they trust to recommend a realtor that they themselves have worked with in the past. An example would be a first-time home buyer that contacts his or her mother to hire the realtor that helped her find her home. But what if you don’t feel so good about a friends’ recommendation, or don’t know of anyone that’s ever been through the process of buying or selling a home in Canton or Ann Arbor, MI?

This is a time where you must take careful steps to hire a real estate agent in MI that is honest, helpful, easy to work with, and most importantly, can save you money. Don’t let the ultra-low price tag of a realtor fool you; Low price can sometimes mean low quality. But by all means, do some research on a real estate agent if their affordability catches your eye. Just make sure you are hiring someone who knows what they’re doing. If you’re not sure what to look for, we can help!

  • Make sure your real estate agent works online – Nearly 90% of homebuyers in today’s day and age first search for homes on the Internet. We’re not saying your realtor should be a technology wizard, but be sure they have an online presence and are comfortable emailing and texting.
  • Be sure your real estate agent is knowledgeable – It’s important to ask your potential real estate agent as many questions as you can. If they’re unsure about a lot of what you are asking, or you realize they don’t even know as much about real estate as you do, it’s time to move on.
  • How respected is your real estate agent? – A realtor that networks and has a good working relationship with other real estate agents in the area is a sign that they’re experienced. Solid transactions are often the result from realtors who are respected amongst their peers.
  • Is your real estate agent a local expert? – If you have your heart set on moving into one particular city, you’ll want to hire a real estate agent who has expertise in that community. A real estate agent that knows their way around the city you’re looking to buy or sell in can inform you about the local market conditions, value of other homes in the neighborhood, and likely, much more.

The experienced Jason Matt team of Canton real estate agents fit the bill on all of the characteristics mentioned above. We can help you every step of the way when you decide to sell your Canton or Ann Arbor home or buy a new one in the area. Just contact us today to get started!

Clean Your Gutters Before Selling Your Home

by Jason Matt

Are you getting ready to sell your Plymouth or Canton, MI area home this spring or late in the winter? If you are, you need to be aware of the state of your gutters. We don’t have to tell you how bad the weather has been this winter in Michigan. All that ice, snow, and slush buildup has been a little bit ridiculous this year and just like your walkway, driveway, and the roads here in Michigan, your gutters have likely felt its wrath!

Did you know that solid ice blocks tend to freeze into your gutters and downspouts after harsh winter storms? This leads to ice dams, which is when water flows over the edges of clogged gutters and freeze up, which then forces water to trickle into your home. It also opens up the possibility that your gutters can simply rip away from your roof, which would obviously be a nightmare for any homeowner, especially one looking for Canton or Plymouth, Michigan home buyers this time of year. We don’t want you to have to come out of pocket for costly repairs and we know you don’t either. It’s not always easy to take care of the troublesome ice in your gutters, but we do have some tips for you if you’ve found yourself in this predicament this winter:

-Don't try to break the ice down with an axe or hammer! You gutters are vulnerable when ice has frozen into them so chopping or hammering at these blocks of ice often ends up doing more harm than good.

- Tossing a couple handfuls of non-corrosive calcium chloride into your gutters and also putting ice melt over the edge of your shingles can melt ice dams.

- Try hooking up a hose to your hot water tank so that you can begin thawing at the down spout with hot water.

- The “snake” method of ice melt involves taking a nylon knee highs or pantyhose, filling the legs with ice melt pelts, and tying the top knots so that they’re closed tight. Once you’ve done this, lay this “snake” across the ice dam, perpendicularly, and leave them there. This will thaw any ice dams or ice-clogged gutters within a day or two.

If you don’t feel comfortable attacking your frozen gutters on your own, we wouldn’t shy you away from calling a professional to get the job done. Also, to prevent future problems in freezing weather conditions, installing a heating panel system works best. The wires in heating panel systems run the length of your gutter and downspout and warm the metal to prevent ice blocks from forming or ice from building up.

Once you’ve used any one of these methods to successfully clear your gutters of ice in preparation for the thaw, give the Jason Matt team a call or contact us online! We can help you list your home in Canton or Plymouth MI this winter in preparation for a spring sell! 248-756-0009.

Despite the Cold, Sell Your Home Now!

by Jason Matt

Through the crazy snowstorms Michigan has been getting this winter, homeowners in the Plymouth- Canton area have been concerned that their home could be one of the thousands of homes in Michigan that need restoration work. There is no need to wait, take the proper action for repairing damage from freezing pipes or any other damages that this winter may have had on your home before listing your home for sale.

Hopefully you have taken proper precautions to preserve your homes condition during the Michigan winter weather. If not, reparing any damages concurred can help increase your return value when listing or selling your home in Canton or Plymouth, Michigan. If you are in the clear, and don't need any repairs, The Jason Matt Team wants to get your home listed on the Canton Michigan real estate market today! Avoid the hassel of trying to sell your home yourself, and leave it to the professionals. We will take care of all of the busy work so you and your family can enjoy the wonders winter has to offer to the Plymouth-Canton, MI community.

Families in the Plymouth-Canton and Northville area that enjoy snow activities love this winter in Michigan!  The snow loving families of Canton MI can head to the nearest ski slopes!

Southeastern Michigan’s closest Ski Slopes;

  • Riverview Highlands Ski Area, Wyandotte Michigan
  • Mt. Brighton, Brighton Michigan
  • Alpine Valley, White Lake Michigan      
  • Pine knob, White Lake Michigan
  • Mt. Holly, Holly Michigan


The Jason Matt Team consistes of real estate experts for Canton, Michigan and surrounding Metro Detroit areas, Contact Us today for information on the best way to list your home now through all the winter weather and activities.

Selling Your Plymouth-Canton Home In 2014

by Jason Matt

The housing selling market will continue to rise in 2014. With the housing market recovering it has increased the prices of homes in the Plymouth-Canton, MI area. If you are a homeowner who has been thinking about listing your home in Canton and for homeowners all over Michigan, be happy you waited.

For the past year in 2013, home buyers in Southeastern Michigan saw hundreds of foreclosures and short sales being bought with little inventory to buy with historically low mortgage rates. There were many bidding wars with investors and limited selection for buyers. On the other end, sellers saw the rewards of selling their home fast and a lot of times above asking price.

We have seen home prices steadily increase in the Plymouth-Canton, Northville and Livonia, Michigan areas. Home prices will continue to rise and stabilize through the new year, selling your home and getting what your home is worth will continue in 2014.

This past year was full of many housing market changes for Canton, Plymouth and the Livonia area. Our client Margaret, in Canton MI, said “Selling my home was easier and a faster process than I expected, I had multiple offers and had my home sold in a weeks thanks to The Jason Matt Team”. We work closely with our clients to list your home and sell it fast and so you get what your home is worth, contact us today for information on selling your home.

Selling Your Home During the Holidays

by Jason Matt

As we saw last night, winter has finally made its way here. This means the holidays are quickly approaching. For those selling their home during the holiday season a commonly asked question is, "Should I decorate for the holiday?". The answer is yes, but there are some important things to take in mind when pulling out the decorations. We also have provided other benificial tips to take into consideration while selling your home during the holiday season.


Holiday decorations can draw a potential buyers eye to your home, although it is important to focus on general winter decorations rather than religious inspired decor. Religious decorations can potentially lose a sale simply becuase of religious preferences. It is important to try and eliminate any type of bias when trying to sell a home. Also, you will want to ensure that you do not go crazy with decorations. Refrain from using gaudy or extra large decorations that can disturb a potential buyers veiw. The main focal point of a home for sale should be the home, not your holiday decor.

Target Buyers-

Most people will steer clear of moving during the holidays, simply becuase it just adds to all of the holiday commotion. Many times when one moves during this time of year there is a supportive reason, whether it be job relocation, college students, or military personelle, or others who have to meet a deadline for finding a home. Be sure to talk with your real estate agent from The Jason Matt Team about targeting buyers who have a deadline.

Curb Appeal-

We talk about curb appeal quite a bit. This of course is becuase it is very important when selling a home. More often than none, by the time the holiday season arrives, leaves have begun to fall and trees have become bare. Bare trees create more visability of your home. You will want to touch up paint that is chipping, clean windows, and pay attention to detail, as the beautiful full trees can no longer block small flaws.


If you have scheduled showings, great! There tends to be less buyers who walk though homes during the holidays, but for those who do, make them feel welcome. Make sure your home is warm and cozy, light a few holiday smell good candles, start a fire in the fireplace, even offer some cookies and hot chocolate if you'd like. Your goal is to make the potential buyer feel at home in your home. Make them want to live there!

As a part of The Jason Matt Team, we want to help you successfully sell your home and recieve the best return on investment possible. Although this season may be one of the toughest to sell a home in, we will work with you to make it happen! Feel free to contact us today for more information or tips on selling your home during the holiday season!

Great Events In the Plymouth-Canton Area

by Jason Matt

The Jason Matt team is proud to sell homes in such great communities. The Plymouth-Canton Community always has events going on for all sorts of family fun and entertainment during every season. Lots of home buyers look not only the aspects and details of what home we can sell them but also the communities and neighborhoods they would move into as well. 

The fall only brings out more fun! From Ladies Night in Downtown Plymouth happening this week, to Scarecrows In The Park which started September 20th and will go all the way through October 31st. This is one of The Jason Matt Teams favorite annual events in Plymouth, where groups from the high school, organizations in the community, and even Michigan small businesses participate and decorate a scarecrow that is displayed in downtown Plymouth.

The fall fun doesn't stop there, Canton has another one of our favorite fall events and it's even more fun when we are showing homes for sale. Starting October 1st, judging through October 25th the Canton Leisure Services recognize homes who have the most Halloween Spirit! Like Us on FB for more information on family fun events in Plymouth or Canton!

Between the neighborhoods, communities and home after home people go through when buying a new home our Plymouth-Canton communities have a lot to offer and our experts at The Jason Matt Team can help you today, Contact Us and sign up to have new listings sent to you.

Is Now a Good Time To Sell Your Home?

by Jason Matt

Every homeowner is in a different situation, whether you have negative equity in your Michigan home or if you are in a better position where you can list your home and buy a replacement home at ease. We are seeing rising home prices all over the Plymouth-Canton area along with the entire US and homeowners keep asking the question of whether they should sell their home now or if the market is going to increase and wating would allow home sellers to receive the highest price to list their home. 

Are you in an area like Northville Michigan where home prices around you are rising rapidly?  You can't count on the prices to continue to rise. It could be worse to sell your home later where the returns will not be as high. The plunging mortgage rates on 15 to 30 year loans are historically low. These low mortgage rates are not here to stay indefinitely. More homeowners  are choosing now to sell their home, where the benefits of listing your home is higher than the risk of waiting to list your home. 

There are a few things to consider if you are on the fence about selling your home in Plymouth, Canton or Northville Michigan;

  • Risk of rising mortgage rates, list now to avoid
  • Your replacement home may also be on the rise, most likely not to fall in price
  • The profit made on your current home could have to be used on the replacement house

Today homeowners are realizing that it is the right time to list your home for sale. Buyers are buying and homeowners that are on the fence are finally realizing they can get what their home is worth.  Contact the Jason Matt Team today, and let our experts guide through the process of listing your home.

Get The Most out Of Your Real Estate While the Market is Hot!

by Jason Matt

We have been seeing home prices jump, more buyers and fewer inventories. Michigan’s housing market is making a comeback and reports prove it. We are making a genuine recovery in our real estate market property values. In fact, Michigan is showing one of the strongest recoveries in the country. Wayne County alone has seen over an 18% increase in home sales from last year.

With the short sales and foreclosures dwindling away, the large investors that were driving prices higher aren’t seeing as many bargains as before. Investors are fading away and sellers are making a comeback.

High Demand for Houses Lowers Inventory on Homes While Raising Their Prices.


For home sellers, don’t hesitate to put your home on the market now, Southeastern Michigan has seen almost a 20% rise in prices in the last six months! There are a few things you should consider to make your home more valuable and and make sure it sells for what the market will bear.

Inspectors are looking closely, it is important to have receipts and proof of all updates on your home. They could underestimate the years and usage on things like your roof, water heater and air conditioner.

Updates that could be essential to selling;

  • Curb appeal; just a few updates could make a huge difference on home buyers.
  • Brightness inside the home; changing the type of windows or curtains to open up the window and bring light into the home or even something simpler as brighter light bulbs.
  • Painting walls; if it is necessary and keep colors neutral.
  • Decks; deck problems are a big target for inspectors and a main selling point for home buyers. Your deck should be maintained and look like new.
  • Bathrooms and Kitchen; these are two of the biggest and most expensive updates that could be done. You need to decide if this is an expense that you can afford or if it will be worth the return on your investment.

Important updates that homeowners don’t necessarily consider are;

  • Vent cleaning
  • Testing and verifying the heating and cooling system is able to heat or cool the entire home.

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